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What is “TAH / The Aussie Handbook”?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

“The Aussie Handbook is an all-rounded travel and immigration consultancy that connects you to Australia’s top companies when looking to explore or relocate to the country”…. This was the response when I asked the team at TAH down in their Cape Town Offices.

My first response was: “Sounds good doesn’t it? Complex yes, but good no?”

For me to get a better scope of what these fellas are doing. I needed to dig a lot deeper and get to the core of what this establishment is all about!

So, when I was asked to write this article on the company, I needed to have a sitdown with the staff to get an understanding of what “TAH” is from their point of view and what role TAH plays in helping people move over to Australia.

Right! So the first question I must ask myself is “Why choose TAH” right?

Well for starters I was quite impressed that they have partnership agreements with a variety of recruitment, immigration and travel related businesses. Namely:, Migration insurance, Teleo immigration,, British airlines, Virgin airlines, Animal-travel, Wotif, Zuji, and (just to name a few).

From discounted travel merchandise to innovative travel insurance – These companies have exclusive rates and service offerings to TAH’s network of clients and by the looks of it are making huge waves of progress in bringing together a team that can get the job done.

The staff are well presented, knowledgeable, educated and highly enthusiastic about what they are doing here.

I felt a real sense of passion when I was interviewing the team which in my opinion, is a great characteristic to have in any profession. Especially when putting together proposals for opportunity to relocate one’s life to a foreign country.

Their social platforms are updated regularly and the content is fresh and relevant with Instagram showcasing everything from nightlife, culture, hospitality, and all things entertainment.

What was even more interesting was how they have created these service modules that are guidelines for people to get setup down under.

These guides are comprehensive and details every step from opening a bank account , which convenient store you should be using, which mobile provider is the best reviewed, how to find a job, enrolment in varsity, visa applications, tour guides, car rentals, reservations, You name it they will sort it out for you chop chop!

Every client gets allocated to one of TAH’s service agent.

These chaps are on point with updates on the regular and an intellectual approach to everything you want sorted. I had the privilege of sitting through one if the consultations and they play close attention to what the client needs.

They have a dedicated business development team that targets the top companies to work with and I was left with one thing to say! “Good on ya mate!

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