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Australian Trade Training College: Your Premier Choice for Australian Migration Skills Assessments

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Embarking on a journey to migrate to Australia and pursue a career in a skilled trade requires careful planning and adherence to specific requirements, including skills assessments for migration purposes. As a reliable alternative to VETASSESS, the Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) is your premier choice for comprehensive support throughout the skills assessment process. We are proud partners of the DUC (Down Under Centre) and the ATTC (Australian Trade Training College), and our state-of-the-art offices in Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa, serve as prime locations for practical assessments. Allow us to delve deeper into the unparalleled advantages ATTC offers for your Australian migration goals.

Why Choose ATTC:

1) Trusted and Respected Alternative to VETASSESS: Trusted and Respected Alternative to VETASSESS: When it comes to skills assessments for Australian migration, ATTC has gained recognition as a trusted and respected alternative to VETASSESS. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to deliver assessments that align with Australian standards and regulations, ensuring that your skills are evaluated accurately and fairly. By choosing ATTC, you can confidently embark on your migration journey, knowing that our assessment procedures have earned the trust of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DUC).

2) Exclusive Partnership with the DUC (Down Under Centre) and the ATTC (Australian Trade Training College): This collaboration underscores the credibility and validity of our skills assessments, as they have been developed in close consultation with the Australian government. By selecting ATTC, you gain access to a comprehensive skills assessment process that meets the stringent requirements set by the authorities, maximizing your chances of a successful migration to Australia.

3) State-of-the-Art Practical Assessments in Green Point, Cape Town: Located in the vibrant suburb of Green Point, Cape Town, our world-class offices provide an exceptional environment for practical assessments arranged through the DUC. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and resources, our facilities ensure that you have access to the tools necessary to demonstrate your practical skills effectively. Our experienced assessors are committed to guiding you through the assessment process, providing valuable feedback and support to help you succeed.

Benefits of ATTC's Skills Assessments:

1) Comprehensive Trade-Specific Assessments: ATTC offers a comprehensive range of trade-specific assessments designed to evaluate your practical skills and knowledge in your chosen field. Our assessments are tailored to provide an accurate representation of your abilities. By choosing ATTC, you benefit from assessments that specifically align with your skill set, enhancing your competitiveness and positioning you favourably for migration purposes.

2) Streamlined and Efficient Assessment Process: At ATTC, we understand the importance of a streamlined and efficient assessment process. We strive to minimize delays and complexities, ensuring that your skills assessment experience is smooth and stress-free. From clear instructions and guidelines to proactive communication, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout your assessment journey.

3) Globally Recognized Credentials: In addition to their recognition in Australia, ATTC's skills assessments hold international recognition, expanding your career opportunities beyond the Australian borders. This means that should your plans evolve in the future, and you decide to explore professional prospects in other countries, your ATTC skills assessment will be valuable and respected worldwide.

When it comes to skills assessments for Australian migration, we stand as your premier choice, providing unparalleled support and expertise throughout the assessment process.

By choosing ATTC, you gain access to a comprehensive skills assessment experience that aligns with Australian standards and regulations. Our experienced assessors, modern facilities, and cutting-edge equipment create an optimal environment for showcasing your practical skills. Moreover, our exclusive partnership with DUC ensures that your assessment outcomes are recognized and respected by Australian authorities.


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