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Key Strategies to Outsmart a Jet Lag

Travelling to a different time zone throws off your body’s natural circadian rhythm, resulting in the unfortunate jet lag. As this is your internal clock that your body uses to regulate sleep and wake hours, travelling can disrupt your sleeping pattern, lead to irritability, and cause difficulty in concentration. Considering that these symptoms are not particularly something anyone desires to face, below are some helpful tips that will assist in reducing these negative effects in order for you to feel more alert and fresh during and after your flight to Australia.


The pineal gland in the brain produces the natural hormone melatonin, which is only released at night. Due to light naturally suppressing melatonin levels in your body, melatonin pills can help control the circadian clock by altering the timing of internal rhythms. Research has proven that this supplement is highly effective in tackling jet lag by helping you sleep when you are shifting time zones by instructing the brain to sleep at a different time than usual. Consult your doctor for advice before using melatonin since there are different suggestions for the appropriate amount and time. If you choose not to use supplements, melatonin-rich foods such as pistachios, almonds, mushrooms, eggs, and fish could be an ideal substitute for you. In addition, tart cherry juice and a glass of warm milk also have the ability to provide positive sleep effects.


To avoid feeling dehydrated or stuck in a slump, make sure to drink plenty of water prior to, throughout, and after your flight to combat the effects of dry cabin air. If possible, try to stay away from alcohol, caffeine, or sugary drinks and replace them with other alternatives in order to avoid these beverages disrupting your sleep. Teas such as camomile, peppermint, and rooibos are remarkable caffeine-free options that are known to soothe your body and relax any tensions. Furthermore, as tomato juice has a high melatonin content, this refreshment could be another suitable choice, which also accelerates your metabolism and can help with the removal of fatty deposits from the body.

Walking & Stretching

Moving your body can be a game-changer when trying to avoid impaired mental or physical performance. Fortunately, numerous aircraft feature entertainment screens that display meditation, breathing exercises, and stretching videos that will benefit your overall wellbeing and that you may practice while remaining seated. Being mindful by taking regular short walking breaks and implementing ankle circle, knee lift, and neck bend movements improves body circulation and prevents uncomfortable cramps, body aches, and muscle tightness.

Sleep Health

In order to beat daytime drowsiness, evaluating your sleep habits and establishing a healthy sleep programme for your flight can work wonders. Being comfortable should be one of your highest priorities, and this can be achieved by using a conventional C-shaped pillow, wearing snug clothes, and resting in warm socks. For some extra options, try wearing a sleep mask that blocks out light effectively, using silicone earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and massaging lavender oil onto your temples.


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