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A Guide to Australia’s Best Markets

Taste the seasons of Australia's exceptional world-class multicultural markets, offering an extensive range of locally grown fresh produce, artisanal chocolates, homemade baked goods, dairy products, and much more. These uniquely situated vendors accommodate the palettes of all types of individuals, delivering a remarkable experience for an array of dietary requirements. The featured markets below present an abundance of bridges from farm to fork, a sense of community engagement, and support for regional products and agricultural open spaces.

1. Adelaide Central Market

Founded in 1869, this flourishing centre for culinary delights and goods houses over 70 vendors under one roof. As one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest undercover fresh produce marketplaces, it offers a wide selection of organic fruit, specialty meats, health foods, seafood, and far more. For the finest mushrooms, truffles, and truffle oils, the Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop is the perfect spot to go to savour these hearty, umami-flavoured plant-based protein foods. If you would like to experience Australia’s first national indigenous native greens, native game, and conventional meat wholesaler, head over to Something Wild, and do not forget to try out their sauces and chutneys too.

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2. Carriageworks Farmers Markets

Visit this weekly farmer’s market in Eveleigh, Australia, to experience a wealth of eye-catching stalls. Popular for its gorgeous freshly cut flowers, Sydney’s best hand-churned butter, and exquisite oysters, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Engage with the farmers directly and discover the history behind your biodynamic produce to gain the ultimate experience. Vannella Cheese is recognized for its superior burrata, which is hand-tied upon being filled with creamy stracciatella. Additionally, take a moment to check out Wildflower Brewing, which has established a beer house culture using foraged yeasts from New South Wales. Their objective is to balance the tart and funky aspects of their house culture to produce beers that are intricate, complex, and nuanced.

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3. Paddington Markets

If you have an aptitude and flair for lovely apparel, distinctive accessories, and radiant decor items, be sure to attend this bustling market and interact with its cutting-edge designers and artistic craftspeople. Open since 1973, this venue is filled with fragrant soaps, scented candles, and glorious jewellery, enveloped by an overall inspiring spirit. Along with its not-for-profit organisation initiative, Paddington Market is Sydney's oldest continuously operating weekly community and artisan market. A notably admired option is Chin’s Laksa stall, which is proudly MSG and gluten-free, as well as the vegan cookies and sourdough scones sold at the bakery booths.

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4. Queen Victoria Market

Welcome to Queen Victoria Market, an invitation to a prodigious assortment of gastronomic pleasures. As a prominent landmark in Melbourne, Australia's central business area, it is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, encompassing more than seven hectares. To start your visit, indulge yourself at Market Lane Coffee, a specialty coffee roastery, to obtain your daily supply of caffeine. Some other celebrated spots for delicious bites include Happy Tuna, which serves premium fish and seafood collected straight out of the bay, and KICCA Okonomiyaki, which offers traditional delectable Japanese savoury pancakes.

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5. Salamanca Market

One of Tasmania's most popular tourist destinations, the Salamanca Market, has garnered several awards for excellence. With over 300 stall holders and appealing amenities such as live music and puppy parking, this location has got you covered. From merino scarves to luxurious chemical-free beeswax and honey products, there are boundless possibilities for gift and souvenir options. Allow yourself plenty of time to browse, and keep an eye out for the stand marked Tasmanian Saffron, who are considered the original pioneers of the saffron industry in Australia for successfully acclimatising the crocus sativus saffron corms to southern hemisphere conditions.

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