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5 of Australia's Best Family-Friendly Activities

Travelling with children can be an exceptional opportunity to connect as a family and create precious memories that will be cherished forever. Whether your little ones have an energetic, imaginative, creative, or reserved nature, there are boundless engaging and interactive activities that Australia has to offer.

1. Swimming In The Bays at URBNSURF

Swimming is a delightful low-impact cardio exercise for kiddies to practise, as it provides multiple health benefits as well as boosts their confidence. These positive effects include increasing their stamina, enhancing their strength, building lung capacity, and encouraging high cognitive performance. URBNSURF offers gentle, ocean-like conditions for children and families to swim and play in crystal-blue water in a supervised environment, ensuring the utmost safety thanks to the presence of professional lifeguards.

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2. The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden

Located at Melbourne Gardens, this intriguing activity gives youngsters the chance to explore a whole new world of vegetable gardening and gain knowledge about biodiversity in bamboo forests and wetland ecosystems. Nature-centred play encourages children to get in touch with their surroundings and develop a deep appreciation of what Mother Earth has to offer. Learning about sustainability from a young age is essential for future generations to help protect the planet and its natural resources while embracing moral principles such as respect and responsibility.

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3. Penguin Parade at Phillip Island

Home to the greatest Little Penguin colony in the world, Phillip Island presents an unparalleled experience involving observing these flightless aquatic birds trek home from the ocean to their nests and burrows at dusk from boardwalks and viewing platforms. The idyllic coastline and verdant forests of Phillip Island serve as the most optimal habitat for some of Australia’s most admired wildlife, including Swamp Wallabies, Short-tailed Shearwaters, Cape Barren Geese, and Eastern Barred Bandicoots.

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4. Amusement Park at Luna Park Sydney

With breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, Luna Park is a thrilling heritage-listed amusement park for the young at heart. Featuring fantasy architecture in the Art Deco style of the 1930s, this adventure-filled outing is the most impeccable visit for children and adults to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy sensational rides such as exhilarating roller coasters, wave swingers, and ferris wheels. Along with a wide array of attractions, this jovial and vibrant venue also offers classic carnival specialties such as snow cones, hotdogs, donuts, and popcorn!

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5. Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Nestled on the clifftop edge of stunning Sydney Harbour, Taronga Roar and Snore’s remarkable tented all-inclusive lodge invites you to the ultimate overnight zoo experience for you and your loved ones. In terms of family entertainment, this distinctive stay features intimate animal encounters, exclusive guided tours, safari-style accommodation, and delectable canapés, dinners, and breakfasts. Awaken to a magnificent sunrise after spending the night under the stars before setting off on your next captivating excursion.

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