TAH has a focus on helping skilled migrants from around the world that are lacking the opportunity to further their careers. We have grown exponentially and continue to transform, develop and grow our community. By combining the ease of online communication with an inventory of affordable services and a well-defined ethical core, TAH has carved out a unique and innovative service that has proven to be extremely successful.

Essentially, TAH wants to help its customers simplify relocation by covering all factors pertaining to their move. We offer personalized project assessments, detailed costing, recruitment guides and more, all of which instils confidence throughout the process. TAH strives to help all members of our global society aiming to improve their standard of living through immigration to Australia.


The Aussie Handbook was created to simplify the complexities of moving to Australia by providing advisory and consulting on all aspects of relocating down under. Our mission is to solve the difficulty and create a stress-free¬†solution on relocating your family to sunny Australia. The best part about ‘The Aussie Handbook’ is we consistently research, update and explore various routes and options for our client.

We strive for service excellence and pride ourselves on going above the call of duty for each and every one of our clients. We support each journey our clients choose to take and conduct our business with the highest level of principle and integrity.


We plan to be the pioneers in our industry by building relationships to broaden our service offering. We value the core roles each of our members play in executing a flawless and entertaining service. We continue to grow and expand our database to ensure we are working with the elite in Australian immigration, recruitment and travel.

Our vision is to build a network that connects the world to Australia and what the country has to offer. We plan to organize all the information on the Australian job market, immigration & visa options, local travel, entertainment and make it universally accessible and useful to our clients.

“If there’s a way to do it better…find it.” – Thomas Edison