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Moving to a new country is always a daunting task and at TAH we aspire to provide you with the tools to land that dream job and get you off to a good start in Australia.

We have come up with a concept that has proven to be the pinnacle of international recruitment, and we are doing wonders for skilled applicants currently in the Australian job market.

Whether we are helping people find work abroad, repatriating talent, or sourcing from local communities, our focus is finding the right opportunity for our immigration candidates.

We have seen migrant workers access higher incomes and valuable work experience that allows them to leverage their skills, support their relatives back home and build a life in their new country.



‘The Aussie Handbook’ employs experienced consultants to canvass, network, and market your employment application to prospective hiring managers in Australia.

Our Employment Advisory Services are designed to help candidates find jobs outside their country.

Building a vast directory of qualified skilled individuals over the last few years has allowed us to approach locally based Australian companies with offers that they couldn’t refuse.

Our local team will be your point of contact for scheduling interviews, drafting up professional emails, negotiating the correct terms, and everything that comes with being your TAH Recruitment Agent!

With cut-throat design from experienced creative staff, our team constitutes a well-crafted model that is designed to improve the likelihood of employment.

There is a continuing need to develop and update skills, be more flexible, work in teams empowered to make decisions and use information technology daily as part of seeking job opportunities.

Many of these changes will have been influenced by external factors, such as increasing competition. All of these changes represent important challenges for the job seeker of today.

Management is a way of getting things done, with the support and commitment of ‘The Aussie Handbook’ we look upon objectives and then develop ways of meeting these objectives.


your profile

We provide comprehensive design and content creation to present your profile at optimum position – see attached some examples of what we will be creating for you. All profiles are equipped with tracking links for us to monitor interests and general engagements.


Creating an
online presence

When we begin with your file, our objective is to further your reach to ensure we link you with the best possible job offer within the current employment market. We will manage all aspects of the application process namely: Linkedin, Seek, Indeed, Adzuna, CareerOne, CareerJet, Gumtree, JobActive, Artshub and many other platforms of marketing.


and interviews

During the campaign, we will be coaching you on various tips and strategies leading up to interviews. We need to be prepared when canvassing for the best opportunity to ensure we are marrying you with the right company. Before engaging with a prospective employer, we provide summaries on the company and key points to mention during an interview – see attached some interviewing tips as a reference to what we would cover. Our insights are extensive and educational.



The best negotiators know what they want and are armed with information about what is negotiable and to what degree. Before we advise you on what to commit to, we should begin thinking about what conditions are most important to you and what you want from your new job. We look at cultural fit, is the area the company is based suitable for our candidates, what financial support do they provide, and would they consider sponsoring PR in the foreseeable future.


Visa application and departure

All our visa applications are submitted by our leading Australian migration Agent and Attorney who has a wealth of experience dealing with these matters. Once your visa has been submitted we will begin preparations and make the necessary travel arrangements.

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