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Over the last few years the team at TAH have travelled to Australia in search of creating a network that would offer an amusing and educational insight to living, working, and traveling to this charming country..

Our goal is to solve the difficulty and create a stress free solution on which services to use when you have chosen to immigrate your family to sunny Australia or see the country from a local perspective.

We value the core roles each of our members play in executing a flawless and entertaining service.

We have created partnerships and lifetime friends with people that have moved to Australia and companies that have established themselves within the immigration and travel industries.

Our mission is to educate the world on beautiful Australia and motivate them in exploring what it has to offer. We continue to grow and expand our database to ensure we are only working with the elite in Australian immigration and travel.


  • Visa eligibility assessments
  • Specialized services from top immigration attorneys.

  • How to apply for work in Australia

  • Travel advisory services

  • Tried and tested relocation services

  • Access to innovative migration insurance

  • Access to our exclusive recruitment database

  • Accommodation guides

  • Travel guides

  • Entertainment guides and more




A Signature of Excellence

The Aussie handbook has searched far and wide for the right immigration professionals to work with!

Over the years we have interviewed, and negotiated with various immigration attorneys, however none of them quite stood out like the present individual we have chosen to work with.

Originally from South Africa, Dr Etienne Hugo, is accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a specialist in Australian immigration law. Being registered with the OMARA (Migration Agent Registration Number: 0004435) for more than 16 years, he has achieved great success with corporate and individual clients across the globe and continues to impress in all aspects of his career.

Dr Hugo has also lectures in the Migration law and practice program (2006-2015) with the Australian National University (ANU) and as a Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) he regularly delivers papers and presentations on practical issues relevant for Australian immigration.


Dr Etienne Hugo is a highly regarded Australian immigration lawyer, based in Australia since 2000. He is the founding partner and legal practitioner director of Teleo Immigration, a leading Sydney-based law firm specialising in Australian Immigration law since 2006. He practices as a solicitor in New South Wales, and is also admitted as a solicitor of the High Court of Australia and as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa. He is a Law Society of New South Wales accredited specialist in immigration law (of whom there are only 42) in a profession of approximately 23,000.

Dr Hugo obtained both his BLC (1993) and LLB (1995) degrees with distinction from the University of Pretoria and was awarded a Doctor of laws (LLD) degree in 2000. He has been a recipient of various academic and research scholarships and awards and has successfully practised immigration law in Australia for the past 16 years.

Teleo immigration is an incorporated legal practice that specialises in Australian immigration law. The firm has a highly skilled team of lawyers and agents who have successfully represented hundreds of clients including large corporate firms, small businesses and individuals over the past 10 years. The firm deals with all aspects of immigration law from visa applications, corporate structures and sponsorships, to appeal work, judicial review, visa cancellations, immigration detention and deportation matters et cetera.

The firm has been honoured by being listed in the prestigious Australian ‘Best Lawyers’ publication in the Australian Financial Review for consecutive years (2010 & 2011). The firm was also listed as ‘Boutique immigration law firm of the year – Australia’ in the 2012 Global awards corporate INTL magazine.

A former partner was appointed as a member of the Migration and Refugee review tribunals (now the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – AAT).

The firm has a broad international client base, representing clients from across the globe, from all walks of life and from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

“Immigration law in Australia is a highly regulated politically influenced and represents various major changes to legislation every year. It is therefore essential to obtain an accurate understanding of the required end result for each client and then adopt a holistic approach, which may include the incorporation of appropriate legal structures and a multi-phased plan, taking proactive steps, to reach the desired end goal.”

“Australian immigration law is complex and for ever-changing. By engaging specialist lawyers to represent you or your business in relation to visa or sponsorship applications, you can be confident that you are getting the most accurate advice from professionals who have a comprehensive understanding on the relevant laws, policies and practices.”

Typical visa applications / services include:

Student visa: To allow for study in Australia. Student visa holders typically have work rights for 40 hours per fortnight during term an unrestricted work rights during holidays. A benefit for this option is to allow younger/ unqualified candidates to gain an Australian qualification, which may enhance your profile either for employer sponsorship or independent skilled migration.

Work visa applications: Skilled employees may qualify either for a 4 year temporary visa (subclass 457) or a permanent visa under either the ENS or RSMS programs. The key issue here is to have the support of a large local (RSA) business that wishes to set up a regional office in Australia or an Australian based employer.

Skilled migration: The so-called points test system, which focuses on skilled applicants who can obtain a suitable skills assessment in his/her nominated occupation as a professional or trades person recorded on the SKILLS list. Most skilled migration visas are permanent visas with full permission to work and full access to Medicare.

Family sponsored visas: The are a number of family related visas for which you may qualify if you have Australian based close family members. Examples are: parent visas, spouse/partner visas, child visas, last remaining relative visas, carer visas, aged dependent relative visas etc.

At TAH we pride ourselves on working with the elite in immigration and will ensure that you are being kept informed along your journey.




Australia: A whole world on a single island

Whether you are a single person taking a solo vacation, family looking for an unforgettable bonding experience, or a large corporate group travelling for a workplace retreat. The Aussie Handbook exist to simplify the complexities of planning a trip to Australia.

Rather than you having to analyze, research, and plan each segment of your trip, from airline schedules, hotel reservations, entertainment and transportation, surfing lessons to snorkeling sessions, mountain hike or trails, events to nightlife, beaches and bars, museums and gardens, memorials or cultured Australian Art…. TAH Travel services and partners will have you entertained and covered on all aspects surrounding your trip so you can experience Australia the true Aussie way!

Our Review & Development team have visited a number of hospitality location throughout Australia in search of establishing agreements with the top travel institutions within Australia and above all to experience a firsthand view of what you (the traveller) will be presented on your journey abroad.

Our agents will recommend areas you would want to travel to, find the most attractive deals possible, track the best accommodations, tours and restaurants within your price point or budget; and we provide all necessary travel information needed to have a stress free journey.

We work on simple principles when reviewing or recommending establishments. We pride ourselves in being honest, professional , and highly resourceful in connecting the dots and mapping out exciting travel itineraries.

We only endorsing and recommend places that have a high standard of hospitality management and value for money.

TAH Travel service agents serve as your point of contact throughout your trip. If a reservation is lost, the car rental company gives poor service or you have missed your flight, Our travel service agent handles all of the issues and rescheduling where necessary.

For more information on how to register kindly complete the contact form and we will call you!




Oi Mate! They’re hiring!

Moving to a new country is always a daunting task and at TAH we aspire to provide you with the tools to land that dream job and get you off to a good start in Australia.

Our partners have come up with a concept that is proving to be the pinnacle of international recruitment and are doing wonders for skilled applicants currently in the job market.

Building a vast directory of qualified skilled individuals over the last few years, has allowed us to approach locally based Australian companies with offers that they couldn’t refuse. We have made great development in the culinary, engineering, and IT sectors and continue to reach out to further our index of professional partnerships.

TAH recruitment services are designed to help you stand out amongst the rest and get you shaped up for the job market down under.

Our recruitment guides will highlight what companies have a history of hiring foreign professionals, what to expect in an interview, and which Australian local recruiters you should be working with!

We will take you through CV formalities and creation, Importance of Linkedin, search phrasing when canvassing potential employment prospects, Roleplay exercises, and which recruitment companies are headhunting internationals.

Our local team will be your point of contact for scheduling interviews, drafting up professional emails, negotiations, and everything that comes with being your TAH service agent!

This is a complimentary service with all our immigration partner packages as we know the importance of creating employment prospects before you land in Australia.

For more information on how to register kindly complete the contact form and we will call you!

“I have worked with Keith and the crew at TAH and I am very impressed with the effort they put into things. They are constantly available, Always on top form, I would recommend them to anyone.”

Brett Tomlinson

“Great bunch of lads! I enjoy the presentations they give throughout the process. A reliable source for information and great intellectual people to talk to!”

Gary Lester

“With a no nonsense approach and easy explanation of their services, I can only applaud and recommend them to anyone wanting to travel to Australia.”

Zhang Wei

“Sarah was my booking agent and she is such a pleasure to talk to. Brilliant applications and in depth research on the places I wanted to see. They put me in touch with the right people and really made my trip worthwhile..”

Desiree Welsh

“Speedy professional services from the Australian representative. They got the job done and I got more than expected. There immigration affiliates are well spoken and made me understand what to expect. Thank you Gillian for your transparency.”

Carl Steenkamp


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All our consultations are scheduled subject to registration or inquiry.

Whether you are wanting to travel or immigrate there is an initial assessment done with the relevant department to determine your eligibility for immigration or estimation of travel budget.

Once an enquiry is placed our system will allocate one of our consultants to your application. You will then be contacted to confirm availability for your consultation with one of our professionals.

Please note that our initial consultations are complimentary and you will have no obligation to continue the service subject to our introduction.

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